I have split my Bitcoin Investment Portfolio into 4 main areas, I have done this as I want multiple income streams so that if any one of them stops earning for any reason I have other income streams still providing me with income.

Buy and Hold Bitcoin

It is my belief that the Bitcoin price will continue to increase, I first started to purchase Bitcoin when it was around $200, at the time of writing it is currently worth around $6000. In my opinion the price will continue to rise as more and more people join the community.


Bitconnect is a Bitcoin lending platform that pays interest daily. It trades Bitcoin using a trading Bot and typically does very well when the price of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot. As the price of Bitcoin is volatile profits are usually very good.

Mining From Home

I have 2 mining rigs that power a total of 18 GPU’s. I mine mainly Ethereum and then exchange the Ethereum I have mined to Bitcoin.

Cloud Mining

I have multiple contracts with Genesis Mining and Hash Flare. This pays me a small amount of Bitcoin each and every day. The Bitcoin that I earn here I usually invest into Bitconnect.