After a Long Break Genesis Mining Offer New BitCoin Mining Contracts

Today’s blog post is to announce the fact that Genesis Mining have released more Bitcoin mining contracts. I started buying contracts with Genesis Mining back in June 2016 and have bought a few small contracts since then. Back then I bought a .75TH/s contract and it cost me $142. When I compare the price of the contracts released today I see that the price has decreased slightly from around 189$ per TH when I last bought in June 2016 to todays price of $179 per TH.

The contracts being sold are pre sale which means you pay for the contract today but the contract does not start until the end of February 2018. Because of the fact this is pre sale you also need to consider the price of Bitcoin today against what you think it may be at the end of Feb 2018.

If you do decide to buy then please use my link and code below you will get a 3% discount on your order and I will also make 3% profit so this is a great deal for us both!

I have left my link below, good luck ordering, when I tried earlier today the website was too busy and pages were not loading. I’ll try again soon, I suggest you do the same.

3% Discount code : G8I2BS

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