Bitconnect – Plan for low interest days

Bitconnect is a lending platform based on Bitcoin and a new coin called Bitconnect Coin. The BitConnect platform allows you to ‘lend’ money to the trading bot trades your investment on the price of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin has risen in price greatly recently and the trading bot has performed very well during that time. The bot does struggle on those days where the Bitcoin price does not change much and that has been the case recently. So although returns have been excellent on BitConnect the Bot has struggled to perform recently.

Here are the results for the past 6 days: –

I also ran the numbers using the Projected Earnings Calculator the and figures are the lowest I have seen based on the Last 7 Days: –

 The thing we can learn for this is that although Bitconnect returns great results over the long term there will be times where the Bot does not perform well at all.

Take a look at the figures below, this chart shows the Bitcoin Price Volatility over the last week.

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